International Business Negotiation – Simulation

Catalog No.: 528

Course Description:

This course will involve the negotiation of a licensing agreement transferring certain nanotechnology to a company in Korea. Students will represent a Silicon Valley company with an extensive patent portfolio which they market extensively in the United States. This proposal will be the first step in acquiring a global market. The Korean company will be represented by a team of law students from Seoul National University, supervised by Professor Ko, Hak Soo. Actual negotiations will be conducted by teleconference, in four 2- hour sessions. The first two weeks of the course will consist of an accelerated overview of international negotiation techniques, basic Korean patent law, and an introduction to the legal and business culture of Korea.  Pre-requisite: 658 International Licensing Transactions; or 216 International Business Transactions; or 228 Technology Licensing; or 327 Negotiating.  Enrollment with approval of professor.  Enrollment limited to 10 students. Approved IP LL.M. course.