Immigration Law & Policy Practicum

Catalog No.: 338

Course Description:

Depending on enrollment and number of projects, this course will attempt to engage current and foreseeable controversies in immigration law and policy. As a practicum, students will be participating in live and on-going projects, either as parts of research teams for current or anticipated litigation, or in a “think tank”/policy proposal capacity for local jurisdictions or non-profit organizations. Potential partners include law school clinics, the Asian Law Caucus or other non-profit organizations, and county officials or agencies. Please note that the work is likely to be immigrant-protective/immigrant-advocacy types of projects. Prior experience in immigration law & policy – the survey Immigration Law class, work/enrollment in the immigration clinic at SCU, or other extensive background in immigration – is strongly encouraged; please contact instructor if interested, but do not have this background. Students will be graded on any number of written products that might be collaboratively produced in the course of the semester – research memoranda, white papers, draft legislation, and the like.