Criminal Justice Externship: Expungement

Catalog No.: 591C

Course Description:

Graded Course. Limited Enrollment. Pre- or Co-Requisite: Evidence (320). This program allows students to represent indigent defendants seeking expungement of their criminal records in court. Students must be certified to appear in Superior court. The lessons learned in this clinic will be invaluable for any students who expect to practice in the criminal justice system. Students may not participate in this clinic while working in law enforcement or in the district attorneys office due to the conflict of interest it presents. Students work under the direct supervision of two California licensed lawyers. Students must attend the weekly class seminars during the semester. There will be a mandatory “Training/Boot Camp”. Requirements include assigned readings, participation in class meetings, research and writing, and field work on cases outside of class. Students receive 2 units of credit for the fieldwork (150 hours) and one unit for the seminar.  Students should register on e-campus and then submit the Criminal Defense Expungement Application to the Law Student Services Office.