Business Immigration Law

Catalog No.: 292

Course Description:

Business immigration law, in a nutshell, addresses the means of helping employers fulfil their labor needs and helping individuals fulfil their career goals and life dreams.  In our global economy, U.S. businesses depend on being able to obtain employees to fulfil their labor needs, often requiring hiring non-U.S. citizens. In addition, international companies doing business in the United States must be able to move their international employees between countries in order to best meet the organization’s needs.  Finally, some individuals are eligible to immigrate under business categories on their own, without a petition by an employer.   From the individual’s point of view, coming to the United States to work or invest may represent the individual’s dearest-held wish. The process by which companies and individuals meet these needs and goals is immigration, and immigration lawyers are an essential link in that process.


This course will address the numerous provisions of U.S. immigration law under which foreign professionals, workers, traders, and investors, and their families, can enter the United States on either a temporary or permanent basis.  Because these provisions are intended to benefit both employers and the United States community and economy, we will also discuss the policies underlying the immigration provisions and proposals for changing those provisions. 


The goal of this course is to give students an understanding of U.S. business immigration laws, regulations, and policies, and to prepare them for entry into law firms or companies that have an immediate need for new attorneys knowledgeable in this area.  The course will prepare students in substantive and procedural law and also in the skills required to obtain needed information, work with clients,  prepare necessary applications, and guide clients through the visa process.


Business Immigration Law Spring 2022