Asian Americans and U.S. Law

Catalog No.: 263

Course Description:

This course aims to increase students’ understanding of the frameworks of U.S. law and policy on Asian and Pacific Islanders — citizen and non-citizen — in the United States, as well as how current law and policy continue to evolve and affect our communities. It will examine the experience of API people in the United States at various points in history, with major units on 19th and 20th century immigration laws; World War II; equal protection; and 21st Century contemporary issues. The theme of Asian activism and legal redress will run throughout the course.

Likely topics include early anti-Chinese sentiment, Chinese exclusion, Asian exclusion, anti-miscegenation laws, the treatment and internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, the historical and modern hypersexualization of Asian women, hate crimes against Asian Americans, accent discrimination, the Slants’ trademark case, the “Muslim ban,” and the Harvard Fair Admissions case.

Scholarly commentary, case filings, and multimedia resources will augment core readings from federal and state court opinions and statutory authorities. The course requires no pre-requisites.


Asian Americans and U.S. Law Spring 2023