Advanced International Law Seminar

Catalog No.: 305

Course Description:

Specific, most important, and acute problems of international law: issues recently on the program of the United Nations International Law Commission; recent cases of the International Court of Justice or other courts and tribunals; most important issues discussed by the doctrine; practical issues of international law. Issues include customary rule of international law; general principles of law; responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts; reservations to treaties; international liability for injurious consequences arising out of acts not prohibited by international law; unilateral acts of states; diplomatic protection; question of the protection and inviolability of diplomatic agents and other persons entitled to special protection under international law; legality of nuclear weapons; use of force in international relations (Kosovo, Afghanistan); issues relating to international terrorism; status of combatants; status of detainees in international armed conflict, and their protection in the course of criminal proceedings. Intellectual property international issues could be also included among the subjects for discussion. Basic knowledge of international law required. 215 International Law recommended.