Student Services for MLS Students

Registration Information

Registering for Classes

All students will be registered for classes by the School of Law.

Course Credit

Students must be officially registered in any course to receive credit. Academic credit for courses is given during regular academic quarters only. Students who register for academic credit in a course and do not formally withdraw before the last day of the quarter in which the course was taken shall be liable for tuition and may receive a failing grade. As used here, the word “course” is meant in its most inclusive sense and refers to classes and any other undertakings in which a student is registered for academic credit.

Tuition Liability

Students who drop a course during the first week of the semester will be eligible for a 100 percent tuition refund for that course. Students who drop a course after the first week and before the end of the fourth week may be eligible for a partial tuition refund. Students may drop a course only with the approval of the Associate Dean for Experiential and Competency-based Learning. To drop a course contact the Online Legal Programs office at

Academic Holds

Students with holds on their records or accounts may not register. It is the student’s responsibility to clear holds with the appropriate office. Students who miss registration priority due to holds will not be given special consideration. Possible holds may include:

  1. Bursar holds due to an unpaid balance on the student’s account;
  2. Financial aid holds due to missing information or paperwork;
  3. Student Services holds due to missing transcripts or other required paperwork;
  4. Campus Safety Services holds due to on-campus parking tickets.

Period of Study and Distribution of Units

Students pursuing the MLS degree must complete the course of study within 12 months of matriculation. The Associate Dean or designee may extend this period not to exceed 12 months for good cause. Matr iculation means the official first day of class for the quarter in which the student began the MLS program. Unless the Associate Dean of Experiential and Competency-based Learning or designee grants permission, students must enroll in no fewer than 9 units in each quarter of each academic year. Students requesting a leave of absence should contact the Online Legal Programs office at

Academic Good Standing

Students must be in academic good standing to be eligible for graduation. This requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. A grade of C is considered a minimum passing grade in each course.

Academic Dishonesty

Students must be in ethical good standing at the time of graduation. Graduation may be denied or delayed based on charges or findings of academic dishonesty or moral turpitude. A student may not graduate while there is a pending charge of academic dishonesty or moral turpitude.

Grades and Grading System

General grading scale
A = 4.0
A- = 3.7
B+ = 3.3
B = 3.0
B- = 2.7
C+ = 2.3
C = 2.0
C- = 1.7
F = 0.0

W = withdrew
I = Incomplete

Law Library Services

The Santa Clara University Law Library houses the basic legal reference and research collection for the students and faculty at the School of Law. The library has two primary goals:

  • To maintain an up-to-date collection that will keep pace with developing areas of the law and law related professions, as well as the changing needs of the law school curriculum.
  • To strive for excellence in providing both access to information and service to the library’s patrons.

The Santa Clara Law Library possesses an extensive number of online and digital materials to assist MLS students. MLS students who need additional library assistance are able to chat online with a librarian.


MLS students are invited to take advantage of all events at Santa Clara University and Santa Clara Law. Students can explore on campus events by accessing the University events calendar and/or the Santa Clara Law news and events website.

Release of Grades

Grades are due generally within a week from the conclusion of finals week.

Access Cards

The ACCESS card is Santa Clara University’s official campus ID and library card to check out materials from SCU libraries. It is also a debit card for use at on-campus and participating local Santa Clara restaurants and a personalized key to access on-campus study rooms and other facilities including the Malley Fitness Center.

After students are matriculated into the MLS program, they will receive an email at their email address with instructions to upload and submit a photo to create an ACCESS card. All cards with approved images will be printed and provided to the Online Legal Program office for distribution to MLS students.

Enrollment Requirements

Courses Required for Graduation

A list of courses with their descriptions and course sequencing can be accessed here.


Official transcripts

Official transcripts are printed through the University Registrar’s Office. Click here for Electronic Transcript Request Instructions.

Unofficial transcripts

Students who have access to Workday may print an unofficial copy of their transcript.

Enrollment verification

Santa Clara University reports enrollment verification data to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse on a regular schedule for the purpose of providing student loan guarantors and lenders current enrollment data.

Requests for current quarter enrollment verification cannot be processed until after the first week of class. Verification of enrollment can only be made for current term or prior term enrollment.

Students who have been in attendance at SCU at any time since fall term 2002 can request an enrollment verification. Click here for Electronic Enrollment Verification Requests Instructions.

Academic and Administrative Policies

The MLS Student Bulletin contains the academic and administrative policies and regulations that govern enrollment of graduate students in the Master of Legal Studies in Corporate Compliance at Santa Clara University.


Petition to Graduate

MLS students must file a petition to graduate form prior to the completion of their academic program. Petitions to graduate must be filed as follows:

  • For MLS students completing their program at the end of the Winter quarter; the petition to graduate must be filed by the end of the first week of the Fall quarter.
  • For MLS students completing their program at the end of the Summer quarter, the petition to graduate must be filed by the end of the first week of the Winter quarter.

Number of Units Required

Students must successfully complete 36 units of study while maintaining academic good standing to earn the MLS degree and graduate.


Commencement typically is the second or third Saturday in May at 9:30 a.m. Tickets are not required for attendees. Caps and gowns are required for participants. Students who file a petition to graduate by the requisite deadline will receive information by e-mail for ordering caps and gowns, announcements, and other such paraphernalia. Students who fail to turn in the petition by the deadline will not receive information and may not be included in the commencement program. MLS students completing their program at the end of the Summer quarter may participate in the commencement ceremony either immediately before or after they graduate.


Diplomas are printed and distributed through the University Student Records Office. Typically, diplomas are mailed out 6 months after all degrees are posted. (Transcripts are available right away, if you need proof of your degree.) You can reach the University Student Records Office at (408) 554-4331.

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