Teaching Corporate Compliance in a Digital World

Virtual Training for Corporate Compliance

Compliance is mastered only through experience.

Successful navigation of the complex and fast-paced arena of corporate risk and compliance requires practical application, studious repetition, and real-time assessment of outcomes. With the Online MLS in Corporate Compliance, Santa Clara Law replicates crucial firsthand experience inside a virtual corporation, where students are challenged to better understand the importance of rules and regulations in risk mitigation through interactive coursework.

A Virtual Environment for Real-World Experience

SiVCo is a digital learning environment built of holding companies, subsidiaries, third-party vendors, and more, all tied back to one multinational conglomerate. Within this simulated corporate domain, you will explore a diverse and increasingly complex set of scenarios that are based on actual situations in the compliance field today. This immersive case environment lets you work through compliance-related decision-making in a collaborative, risk-free setting. At the same time, it enables you to learn from your decisions through immediate feedback delivered at each stage within a given scenario.

Throughout the Online MLS in Corporate Compliance program, individual courses will include one or more assignments that direct you back to SiVCo to tackle a specific scenario. Relying on your own existing experience and growing skill set, and with the application of your recent course learnings, you will work your way through a decision-making branch until you reach one of multiple possible outcomes.


Skills-Based Tasks: Where Theory Meets Practice

In addition to SiVCo simulations, course assignments can include the creation of various documents, presentations, and reports which are often critical components of both compliance programs and the internal controls associated with them. Refine your approach to the everyday demands of your role in compliance as you practice developing:

  • Program plans and policies
  • Investigative reports
  • Data analysis visualizations
  • Management and training plans
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Strategic compliance plans

Deepen Your Understanding

  • Defensive monitoring
  • Investigations and prosecutions
  • Auditing
  • Corrective action
  • Integrity-based culture
  • Cultural competency
  • The need for compliance programs
  • Regulatory trends
  • Business organization formations