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The Online MLS in Corporate Compliance from Santa Clara Law was developed for the kind of uniquely complex and evolving business needs that are common to Silicon Valley, and it challenges students to reshape corporate compliance around the world in a way that anticipates and accommodates fast-paced regulatory change.

Explore dynamic instructional content inside our interactive online platform, and receive practical training in the industry-relevant, cross-functional capabilities that can set you apart in the field of compliance. With an emphasis on individualized attention and professional support, the Online MLS in Corporate Compliance program gives those currently working at the intersection of business and law—occupying administrative, operations, technical, and strategic roles in people management, supply chain, product marketing, and more—the experience they need to go further.


Execute Real-World Scenarios, Risk-Free

Hone your decision-making skills and tackle current compliance issues in a novel interactive learning environment.

Welcome to Silicon Valley

Discover the history of Santa Clara University School of Law and learn more about our mission to train elite leaders of business and law.

Prepare for What’s to Come

Santa Clara Law sets you up for consistent program success with a comprehensive orientation and dedicated online support as you complete your coursework.