Strategic Adaptability: The New Compliance Tactic

Academics and Program Overview

Corporate risk has historically been viewed in black-and-white terms, and compliance has been similarly tied to rigid policies and regulations. But as the nature of business evolves, those who work with any aspect of compliance or risk mitigation must be able to adapt today’s tactics to serve more creative strategies. They are charged with interpreting shifting regulations, and they must develop responsive processes and procedures that promote ethical governance without hindering wealth creation.

To satisfy progressive expectations, today’s compliance professionals are rising up as cross-disciplinary leaders with the investigative insight to forecast risk, the business sense to design meaningful new solutions, and the communications savvy to influence boards and educate stakeholders.

Santa Clara Law’s Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) in Corporate Compliance is built on practical coursework that combines competency-based skills training with business ethics, and it is taught by compliance leaders associated with Silicon Valley’s most forward-thinking companies. Our instructors’ experience in America’s entrepreneurial epicenter, and the insights they’ve gained there, will help you learn to:

  • Navigate high-profile ethical, regulatory, and risk-management issues facing corporations
  • Analyze business metrics as a way to proactively identify potential risks
  • Consistently recognize clear violations of compliance laws or corporate policies

Silicon Valley Compliance

To create the Online MLS in Corporate Compliance, Santa Clara Law solicited input from some of the top C-level compliance officers, business leaders, and legal professionals in Silicon Valley—the same individuals who also contribute to our program lecture series. Their functional insight can help you build on your existing knowledge of complex rules and regulations to better navigate emerging issues like cybersecurity, harassment, and privacy.

Build Investigative Instincts

The best compliance professionals are keen investigators and precise communicators. They have the ability to recognize red flags and the grit to call out compliance violations, but they are also active listeners with the capacity to empathize and connect. Build your own investigative skills in SiVCo, our practice-based virtual learning environment where you can choose your approach and witness potential outcomes of every decision you may make in this dynamic role.

Prepare for the Future

Each course in this program is designed to incorporate changing content, which lets instructors and guest lecturers account for current industry trends and evolving standards that may be relevant to your studies. In turn, these timely courses routinely challenge you to seek out new compliance and risk-mitigation tactics that are responsive to changing expectations but always rooted in corporate success.