If you are conducting a job search outside of the immediate area, we may be able to arrange for you to use the services of another law school’s career services office. First, check the reciprocity policy of the law school you would like to visit, either by contacting the law school career services office directly or by reading its policy on the NALP web site. For a summary of policies for schools in California, take a look at our handout. Then contact the Office of Career Management at Santa Clara to request a letter of reciprocity for that particular school using the Reciprocity Request Form below.

If you are a student from another law school interested in visiting Santa Clara’s Office of Career Management, please read our reciprocity policy before requesting reciprocity through your schools career services office.

Reciprocity Request Form

  • Complete this request form and submit it to the Office of Career Management. We will process your reciprocity request letter generally within 72 hours by sending a letter to the school and a copy to you. You will then need to wait for a response from the law school that you are interested in before visiting them. Please note that the response time from the law schools vary in length and could take up to two weeks. Again, please read their reciprocity policy before submitting this request.