OCI basics
OCI basics
OCI basics
OCI basics


What is OCI?

The On Campus Interview (OCI) program is a phenomenon that occurs at most law schools across the country in the Fall during the months of August, September and October, and in the Spring during the months of February, March, and April. Legal employers visit law school campuses to conduct interviews for summer and entry-level associates. These are mostly larger law firms who can predict their hiring needs six to nine months ahead of time and who have the resources to conduct interviews at law schools around the area and across the country. Some smaller firms, government agencies and public interest employers do participate in OCI.

Some employers are not available to conduct interviews through our OCI program, but have chosen to collect resumes to review for interviews outside of our OCI schedule. These employers are included in the Symplicity (SCU Law Jobs) OCI Interface. Please note that the submission time frame for these employers occurs at the same time as the submission time frame for On-Campus Interviews.

***In order to participate in the Fall Recruitment Program, you will need to sign and submit the appropriate Memorandum of Understanding to the OCM office. Please click on this link to submit an MOU form: OCI MOU 


Santa Clara On-Campus Interviews

Students will have unlimited OCI “bids” that can be placed for the On-Campus Interview Program.

Resume Collects

Students will have unlimited bids for the Resume Collect employers. This is a separate session. Resume collect employers do NOT interview on campus.

For more general information about the OCI Program, and what to expect, download our OCI handout.

Using SCU Law Jobs

SCU Law Jobs is a recruiting relationship management product suite that connects law students, attorneys, law schools and law firms. Santa Clara University School of Law uses SCU Law Jobs to manage all aspects of our fall on-campus interviewing program and job postings. More than 90 law schools and hundreds of legal employers currently use SCU Law Jobs services. Using the OCI+ feature within SCU Law Jobs, you can research employers, submit materials and schedule awarded interviews entirely online.

SCU Law Jobs Password Required

To access the SCU Law Jobs system, you must have a password and login. Logins and passwords were distributed at mandatory counseling sessions for first year students last fall. (Incoming students will have these sessions in November). If you do not have your SCU Law Jobs password, please call (408) 554-4350 to schedule a brief appointment with an advisor.

VERY IMPORTANT! Be sure to set up and/or review your SCU Law Jobs profile. It is imperative that you enter your contact information correctly. The information that you provide will be used to inform you of interviews, changes to appointments, etc.

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