Student Bulletin – Course Descriptions

School of Law Student Bulletin

First-Year Curriculum

114A Civil Procedure 1 and 114B Civil Procedure 2

102A Contracts 1 and 102B Contracts 2

102C Contracts 1e and 102D Contracts 2e

106. Criminal Law

101A Legal Research and Writing 1 and 101B Legal Research and Writing 2

104. Property

103. Torts

465: Critical Lawyering Skills Seminar

Required Advanced Curriculum

105. Advocacy

200. Constitutional Law I 

201. Constitutional Law II 

320. Evidence

302. Professional Responsibility 

Upper-Division Proficiency Points Eligible Classes

  1. Constitutional Law I, 201. Constitutional Law II, 320. Evidence, and 302. Professional Responsibility are upper-division proficiency points eligible classes. Additional upper-division proficiency points eligible classes are listed below:

248. Business Organizations

281. Wills and Trusts

290. Community Property

310. Criminal Procedure: Investigation

311. Criminal Procedure: Adjudication

324. Remedies

540. Advanced Torts

543. Real Estate Conveyancing 

Elective Courses

For a complete list of required and elective courses, see the Course Listing page.