Each year, Santa Clara Law receives applications from all over the U.S. as well as many foreign countries. Our student body is among the most diverse in the country, and includes students with work experience in engineering, business, high tech, and more.

2016 Applicant Pool & Class Size:*
Applications received: 2156

  Full-time Part-time
Class Size: 246 26


Academic Profile:
  Full-time Part-time
25th Percentile GPA 2.94 2.83
Median GPA 3.17 3.33
75th Percentile GPA 3.41 3.48
25th Percentile LSAT 151 152
Median LSAT 154 157
75th Percentile LSAT 157 162



Women 57%
Men 43%
Minorities 52%
(or 49% per ABA reporting guidelines which count non-resident aliens separately)


Age Distribution:

  Full-Time Part-Time
Median 24 27
Range 20-40 22-47


Top Five Feeder Schools (105 Represented):

UC Berkeley
San Jose State University
Santa Clara University
UC Santa Cruz
UC San Diego


Top States (24 Represented; 79% from California):

California Arizona
Washington Nevada


Foreign Countries: (12 students representing 6 countries)

United Kingdom


Tuition and Financial Aid:

Full-Time $50,640 30 semester units
Part-Time $35,448 21 semester units


* As of August 5, 2016. Subject to change.

Santa Clara University extends equal employment and educational opportunity to all people regardless of race, sex, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, source of income, or handicap. This policy is in accordance with the objectives set forth by federal statutes and presidential executive orders.