About Us: A Bold Vision

Santa Clara Law is moving beyond innovation and into the future

The complexities of the digital age. The expanding reach of bioengineering. The unfolding possibilities of nanotechnology. These are among the many challenges that call for unprecedented ethical judgment and legal education and expertise.

There may be no law school in the nation better positioned to lead in this environment of accelerated change and possibility.

For more than a century, Santa Clara Law has met the changing and evermore complex legal needs of the region as it evolved from the agricultural “Valley of Heart’s Delight” into Silicon Valley—the world’s foremost technology center. And in doing so, it has transformed generations of aspiring law students into highly skilled and principled legal professionals, earning a reputation for excellence in critical and high-demand specializations, including technology, intellectual property, privacy, global law, and public interest law.

Santa Clara Law will achieve its bold vision by:

  • Building on its Silicon Valley linkages to be a leader in advancing technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the law
  • Creating a state-of-the-art facility that fosters teaching and learning, an advanced curriculum, and cutting-edge integration of legal theory, practical skills, and ethical training
  • Recruiting faculty who are thought leaders on the convergence of law, technology, business, justice, and ethics, and who conduct pioneering research in problem solving
  • Teaching collaboratively and inventively across academic disciplines and with partners in technology corporations, law firms, government entities, and nonprofits
  • Continuing to enroll a diverse pool of highly talented students, including more with STEM and business experience
  • Increasing scholarships that reward merit and provide increased access and opportunity for qualified law students

Santa Clara Law today aspires to be a premier Jesuit law school renowned for extraordinarily well-prepared and ethical graduates who lead at the intersection of law, technology, business, justice, and ethics.

This goal mirrors the University’s strategic vision that calls for a rise to national prominence. See our plan and the law initiative case statement.

Lisa Kloppenberg

“Santa Clara Law students learn to have one foot in the innovation ecosystem and one in the Jesuit tradition of service to humanity. This creates a beneficial synergy that gives our students and those who employ them a distinct advantage.”

Lisa Kloppenberg, Dean of Santa Clara University School of Law