Description of Organization: 

The mission of the Tax & Estate Planning Society (“TEPS”) is to promote and encourage the study of taxation and estate planning law. In addition, TEPS is focused on developing strong relationships within the academic, business and legal tax and estate planning community. TEPS serves as a forum for law students, faculty, legal scholars, tax and estate planning practitioners, and leaders in taxation, tax policy, and estate planning to engage in an interdisciplinary discussion on developing issues in tax and estate planning law.

Tax touches every aspect of the legal world, from corporate formation and mergers to criminal fraud to personal inheritance decisions and investment decisions. Estate planning, although also encompassing other areas of the law, is a natural extension of a Society focused on taxation.

The Society organizes many events throughout the year. At these events, the members of TEPS have the opportunity to network with the business and legal communities, while learning about particular issues and areas in taxation and estate planning.


2014-2015 Executive Board

Nicola Liu, Co-President:

Megan Gritsch, Co-President:

Leah Zarin, Vice President of Tax:

Libby Casperson, Vice President of Estate Planning:

Jonathan Lee-Mars, Treasurer:

Alyssa Caliendo, Secretary:

Allison Peth, Co-VITA Site Coordinator:

Roger Uy, Co-Vita Site Coordinator:


Important Dates and Events/Calendar

2014-2015 Events – TBD

  • Fall
  • Spring

Photos from Past Events

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TEPS 2009 Fall Career Panel

TEPS 2009 Wine and Cheese Mixer

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