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Man Wrongfully Convicted of Arson-Murder Released After 24 Years

Han Tak Lee, 79, was released Friday after spending 24 years behind bars in a Pennsylvania prison for a wrongful arson-murder conviction. A federal judge ruled this month that the conviction was based on faulty fire science and ultimately overturned

Arson Research Project’s Live “Burn” Highlights Common Causes of Faulty Fire Science

It was a dreary morning on Treasure Island on Thursday, August 14th, 2014, as a group of curious public defenders, detectives, and prosecutors came together for arson investigator Paul Bieber’s showcase event: a live burn of two furnished mockups, one

New Evidence Revealed in Potential Wrongful Execution Case

The Marshall Project, a newly formed nonprofit criminal justice journalism group, wrote a story published in the Washington Post today revealing new evidence of misconduct by a Texas prosecutor that may have led to the wrongful execution of Cameron Todd

Michigan Man Officially Exonerated After Wrongful Arson Conviction

Victor Caminata, a Michigan man convicted of arson in 2009, was officially exonerated on Wednesday after serving more than four years in prison. Caminata was released in July, but the case wasn’t formally dismissed and Caminata cleared until Judge William