Happy last week of classes, SCU Law!

As the subject line indicates, this is the last Grapevine of the year.  It has been a distinct pleasure to email you important and not-so-important announcements on a weekly basis.  But now, our love that dare not speak its name must finally be set aside to focus on reading period and finals.  I send you all good vibes and virtual hugs, and hope that you enjoy these weeks of madness and the upcoming summer.  For those of you who are graduating, bon voyage, and good luck on the bar!  

Click through here (archived here, like a scrapbook of our year together) for exam and graduation information in the last Grapevine you’ll ever get from me.  Treasure it.  Cherish it.  Cherish each other.  Namaste.  


Jordan Barbeau, on behalf of the SBA