American Bar Association (ABA)
Law Student Division
14th Circuit

Fellow Students,

Application Deadline: April 12, 2013

I am currently looking for qualified and dedicated law students to serve as ABA Law Student Division 14th Circuit Lt. Governors. As a Lt. Governor, you will join me in representing and serving the law students in the 14th Circuit.

Please Click Here for Lt. Governor Positions and descriptions. If interested, please email your applications to me at no later than April 12th 2013.

Discover something new about the ABA Law Student Division and the build strong leadership in the 14th Circuit! The Division is the leading professional organization for law students across the country. With over 42,000 law student members enrolled in the Division from 202 ABA-approved law schools from around the country and Puerto Rico, the ABA Law Student Division has far more to offer our members than a magazine subscription. The Division provides a significant opportunity for law students to voice their opinions and connect to the over 400,000 practicing attorneys, judges and other law professionals who are using their JD and/or LLM to pursue exciting and creative careers in the law.

The opportunities for leadership development and professional advancement as a Lt. Governor are tremendous! I look forward to establishing a 14th Circuit agenda for the 2013 -2014 academic year. In order to achieve this vision, I believe it is important to communicate and unite all 14th Circuit law schools together.

Candidates for Lt. Governor need not have previous ABA Law Student Division involvement, although prior participation is an asset. I am available to speak with prospective candidates and to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the various Lt. Governor positions. The experiences are varied, the time commitment is manageable, and the rewards are numerous.

As law students, there often isn’t time to participate in every event or stay abreast of every new opportunity. I hope that the incoming 14th Circuit Board will keep our circuit members aware, interested, and motivated about ABA Law Student Division activities and benefits. By working together as a team that includes SBA Presidents, ABA Representatives, Liaisons, and our law student members at large, we can enhance the reputation of the ABA Law Student Division 14th Circuit.

If you are interested in this great leadership opportunity, Click Here for the application of the Lt. Governor positions available. Once you have selected your areas of interest, please download the application form, and submit it with your resume NO LATER THAN APRIL 12, 2013.

Application/Description link:

Izaac Rowe

UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law

J.D. Candidate Class of 2015

Governor | 14th Circuit American Bar Association (ABA) Law Student Division

Vice President (Evening Program)| Student Bar Association (SBA)