It took over 20 years to get to #Eight. We don’t want to get to #Nine.

#One thought that because she only had a few drinks she would be fine to drive home from Barristers. She might have made it had it not been for some assertive shrubbery in front of the University. Santa Clara PD strolled on over and arrested her for DUI. She didn’t bother mentioning it to anyone at the Law School and thought she had gotten away with it. When it came time to submit her Moral Character application, she had to explain it to the bar. She also had to admit an incident in undergrad (when she was written up for underage drinking in her dorm room). She wasn’t worried. The bar asked her to provide a written explanation of why she hadn’t disclosed any of this information to her Law School. The bar asked her to submit a statement of rehabilitation regarding her issues with alcohol. She still wasn’t worried. After years of investigating, the bar finally conditionally admitted her. She had to pass drug tests for two years before they would admit her fully. #One waited five years.

#Two lives in infamy as Underwear Girl. She got drunk, danced on a table, and flashed her underwear to the whole room at a Barristers Ball. Many years later, during OCIs, a big-law recruiter (and one of our graduates) explained that Underwear Girl had recently applied for a lateral hire position at his big-law firm. We asked if he had hired her, since she had been a good student and had quite a few of years of experience under her belt. He laughed at us and explained that there was no way he was going to hire Underwear Girl! #Two permanently damaged her reputation in the legal community while still a first year.

#Three and #Four got into a drunken a fight over the affections of a female classmate in their small section during Barristers. In the process, they caused serious property damage to the hotel. The police were called. A report was written about their drunk and disorderly behavior. The University was notified. The hotel banned SCU Law from returning. The students were required to go to local meetings of the Other Bar (an AA type group for lawyers). They giggled their way through them and forgot all about the incident. A couple of years later, when #Three submitted his application for his Moral Character Review to the California Bar, he was told that his alcohol related incident would have to be investigated. #Three watched his classmates get sworn in to the bar and head off to their jobs, while he waited for his moral character approval. #Three had his job offer from a big-law firm rescinded because they weren’t willing to wait for his Moral Character to clear.

#Four was also waiting for his Moral Character to clear. His dad hired an attorney to force the bar to hurry up. The bar told the attorney they were investigating and his client would have to wait. #Four was still waiting (and unable to work as an attorney), two years later when last we heard from him.

#Five saw one of her cute young professors at Barristers Ball, after having had a few too many drinks. She ran over to him and put her arm around him and repeatedly told him he was the best professor she ever had and she just looooved him. That professor spent the rest of the year trying to avoid eye contact with the student and prayed at the beginning of each semester that she would not be in his class. When she asked for a letter of recommendation a couple of years later, he politely declined. And he never went to another Barristers Ball – ever. #Five hurt her reputation with this professor and everyone else who heard the story.

#Six was caught with marijuana in her on-campus housing – “getting ready for Barristers”. Per her housing contract, she was subject to the university judicial process. She was asked to find other accommodations and to attend substance abuse counseling. She decided not to finish her meetings or to follow up on any of the law school’s advice in preparing for the Moral Character application. In the end, she decided that she would never pass an investigation, so she gave up and moved out of the state. Not sure what she is doing now. #Six gave up on her future as a lawyer.

#Seven had too much to drink at Barristers and ran into the restroom as was necessary at the time. He happened to run into the dean and made it immediately obvious that his stomach was rejecting his recent choices. For many years, he was known by many in the faculty and administration by his official nickname – “that-idiot-that-threw-up-on-my-shoes”. #Seven still isn’t a favorite.

#Eight came in to Law School knowing that he was going to apply for JAG. In first year, he was found by Campus Safety sleeping off a night at the Hut on the Heafey lawn. In second year, he got drunk and was joking around with friends on the dance floor at Barristers. He accidentally hit someone, who returned the favor. A fight ensued, police were called, and he ended up with a second alcohol related incident on his record. He immediately sought counseling and joined the local AA group. He immediately contacted the bar and did everything they advised. He graduated, passed the bar, and then sat down to wait for his Moral Character to clear. He waited and waited. He provided letters of recommendation and everything else the bar asked for. Eventually, his offer from the Navy was rescinded. He finally passed his Moral Character, and is working as a local attorney. #Eight lost his change to be in JAG.

WHO Will Be #Nine?  Hopefully NO ONE!

Disclaimer: while I swear a version of these events happened to various law students over various years, I won’t swear that they happened exactly as detailed above. Interactions with the bar are recorded (sort of) as they were reported to me (nearly).