If you are looking for past exams to study from, please follow the steps below to access them on ClaraNet.

1) Go to the ClaraNet main page at http://claranet.scu.edu and click on the Law School Exams link.

2) You will see the first page (out of 13) of courses listed in alphabetical order. Go to the course of your choice and when prompted, enter "miller" as the password. Past exams available for that course will be listed under the professor’s name.

Please note: Multiple choice questions and answers to exams are not included, although there are some professors that do include sample answers.

Also, not all professors choose to have their exams available. If you cannot find an exam online, please visit the Circulation Desk as there is a possibility the library will have it.

If you have any questions, please contact Maria Quinonez at mquinonez@scu.edu.