During the Google Migration, student GroupWise e-mails were not migrated over.

If you wish to have your old GroupWise e-mails transferred over, please follow the instructions below: 

How to Move over your old GW e-mails:
1)you need to enable your GMail IMAP from your SCU Account.

2) you will need to download and install Mozilla Thunderbird,
( http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/)

3)Create your IMAP account in Thurderbird.

4)duplicate the folder structure ‘SCU GroupWise’ account and your new ‘SCU Google Mail’,

5)move your e-mail from your Thunderbird mail inbox into your GMail account.

It’s not too difficult but will take a little time to setup. After your e-mails are moved over, you won’t need to access Thunderbird.  Your emails will be accessible through your SCU GMail account.

Here is the official IT website:

If you have any issues, come by the Law School Help Desk after Jan. 3rd, 2013 for Help.