This 2006 Symposium is taking place March 16 – 17.  The topic of this conference is the globalization of pharmaceutical development, with an emphasis on race, markets and ethics. It will explore the following issues underlying globalization:


— The implications of pharmocogenetics and greater attention to personalized medicine as drug development changes from a national to a global perspective;

— The ethical issues underlying the internationalization of clinical trials, including cultural as well as genetic differences in the standards underlying the trials;

— International oversight of pharmaceutical development and testing;

— Regulation and access to the products.


John Barton, of Stanford University, will give the keynote address, and our speakers will include Edison Liu, Genonomics Institute of Singapore, Michael Malinowski, head of the Law and Medicine Program at Louisiana State University, Pilar Ossorio, University of Wisconin, Jonathan Kahn, Hamline School of Law, and others from the U.S. and abroad interested in these issues.


The Conference is sponsored by the Santa Clara Institute of International and Comparative Law and the High Tech Law Institute. The Santa Clara Journal of International Law will publish the resulting papers.

*Attendees may receive up to 4 hours of Continuing Legal Education Credit, including 1.45 hours of Legal Ethics credit. 


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