George Souliotes Walks Free

Man freed from prison after 16 yearsNews10 ABC Sacramento


Johnny Williams Exoneration

3/13 – Opposing Views Finally Free: Johnny Williams Declared Innocent of Crime He Spent 14 Years in Prison For

3/13 – San Francisco Chronicle Exonerated prisoner rejoices in freedom

3/12 – KGO-ABC-Channel 7 Innocent man freed after 14 years not angry

3/12 – NBC Bay Area Wrongly Convicted Man “Truly Happy” After 14 Years in Prison

Ronald Ross Exoneration

2/28 - Oakland Tribune Editorial Innocence man walks free, but justice not yet served

2/25 CBS Bay Area Wrongly Convicted Oakland Man Not Bitter After 7 Years Behind Bars

2/25 – KGO-ABC-Channel 7 Man freed after wrongful conviction talks freedom

2/25 – San Jose Mercury News Wrongly convicted Oakland man harbors no ill will

2/22 NBC Bay Area Wrongly Accused Oakland Man Set Free

2/22 San Francisco Chronicle  Innocent man ordered released after 7 years

2/22 KTVU-Channel 2 Wrongly convicted Oakland man ordered released from prison

Our Weekly  11/15 Some of the Northern California Innocence Project’s exonerees are featured in this article about wrongful conviction.

The Wrongful Convictions Blog 7/10 More on Northern California Innocence Project’s Souliotes Case


LA Times 7/7 Inmate was innocent in fatal arson case, judge rules

Take Part: Social Justice 6/6 The Death Penalty Is in the Sights of One Innocent Man

Mercury News 5/21 A story in the SJMN covered the release. NCIP was mentioned in that story, and it included a photo of Cookie with Ron Reno, one of NCIP’s first exonerations.

MSNBC 5/20 Proud of NCIP exoneree Franky Carrillo, who was featured on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation today

Wrongful Convictions Blog 5/16 EWID e-news and petition was picked up by the wrongful convictions blog.

CBS SF 5/8 CBS aired a piece last night about NCIP exoneree Maurice Caldwell and the need for law enforcement to use best practices in their eyewitness identification procedures. This could help reduce the number of wrongful convictions like Maurice’s.

Bay Citizen 5/4 Prosecutors Failed to Disclose Coroner’s ‘Unreasonable’ Findings. Cookie Ridolfi quoted.

Texas Tribune 3/29 The data for prosecutorial misconduct in Texas has been released. Researchers from NCIP’s Veritas Initiative found 91 cases of misconduct in Texas from 2004-2008 but no prosecutors were publicly disciplined.

Wrongful Convictions Blog 3/23 Innocence Project Model Highlighted at 2012 NCIP Event

NBC Los Angeles 3/8 Look what NCIP exoneree Franky Carrillo is up to, one year after his exoneration. We’re so proud of you Franky! Shown in this video with Attorney Ellen Eggers, who was instrumental in his exoneration.

KALW 2/24 NPR’s KALW interview of Linda Starr

LA Times 1/30 LA Times wrote about NCIP client George Souliotes