The mission of the Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP) is to promote a fair, effective and compassionate criminal justice system and protect the rights of the innocent.

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Larry Pohlschneider Exonerated!

Larry Pohnschneider Exonerated! Photo: Greg Pio

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Exonerations and Case Work

Since NCIP’s founding in 2001, NCIP has helped win the freedom of 18 wrongfully imprisoned individuals. Learn more about NCIP’s exonerees and cases we take. Learn more about our latest exoneree Larry Pohlschneider.

Policy Reform

NCIP works to change policies and practices to prevent wrongful convictions and for broader criminal justice reform. Learn more about NCIP’s policy initiatives.

Clinical Program for Santa Clara Law Students

Law students working with NCIP gain hands-on experience, enhance their Santa Clara University School of Law experience and grow their careers. Learn more about our clinical program.


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