Be a part of the HMCE Team!

Applications for 2014 – 2015 External Competitions will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, but most tryouts are in early Fall and late Spring semesters.  Please watch your SCU email for announcements regarding applications for each competition or set of related competitions.

A separate application is required for each set of HMCE tryouts, which are designed to recruit candidates for different teams. Since the requirements of each competition are different, there are tryouts to match each.

Applications for each competition are available on the HMCE Claranet Page under HMCE396: HMCE Competitors. Applications are posted in advance of each set of tryouts. The tryout schedule is posted on this same Claranet page.

Selection Criteria:

Prerequisites: Applicants must be upper division students who have completed, or are currently enrolled in, Advocacy.

Components: The HMCE Board will select applicants by weighing the following factors:

1. Score on the Advocacy Brief first draft

2. Score on the Advocacy Oral Argument

3. A written application and resume

4. A short writing assignment or other writing sample

5. For appellate-type competitions, an oral argument tryout  OR

For ADR-type competitions, an appropriate tryout format will be used

6. An interview with the HMCE Board

Current Advocacy Students

In Advocacy now? To apply for HMCE consideration, make sure to submit three (3) BGID copies of your first draft’s argument section for the HMCE Board’s review.  There will be a formal application process to be completed at a later time.

Contact HMCE Director William McAdoo at for further information.