Law School Helpdesk Computer Support?

The Law School Helpdesk is a complimentary full service, hands on department that is run and supervised by the Law School Technology Department. It is located in Bannan Hall 137 from the hours of 9 am to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and Fridays from 10am to 5 pm. Our Helpdesk workforce are current student Interns that are recruited from our University Electrical, Computer Science, Math Graduate and Undergraduate programs. The department is supervised by a full time staff Support Manager and overseen by the Assistant Dean of Law Technology.

What is the procedures on getting my notebook looked at?

Our Law School Helpdesk Student support is a first come, first served walk-in service located in Bannan Hall 137. Depending on how many computers are waiting for services, we ask our Law Student to allow at least two hours for service.

If you know that your stopping by our Law Helpdesk, You may go online and submit a trouble ticket at services is vary popular because, this allow our help desk team to do advance research on computer issue.

Mandatory Paperwork when walking into Helpdesk Computer Support?

For software and hardware issues other then the basic wireless, printing, all students must fill out our mandatory Law School Disclaimer notebook/ desktop computer request form. This is vary important that the student(s) understands that the Helpdesk is here to help but computers do crash.

Who Staffs the Law Helpdesk?

Our Law School Helpdesk is staffed by student tech intern’s and managed by a Support Manager on duty during normal work hours. If our student tech(s) are not able to resolve any computer issues, they are requested to escalate the issue to the Helpdesk Computer Support Manager. The manager will determine what (if any) will be the next level(s) of support.

Please be aware that we do not guarantee resolution to your laptop problem(s). If we are unable to resolve your problem(s), it is your responsibility to seek repair service from reputable 3rd party repair vendors.

What our Law School Helpdesk Computer Support will not do?

We will not back up any personal information, install or uninstall software without your original CDs! Replace computer hardware if the computer is still under warranty, we will only run diagnostics but will refer you back to the vender for support.

Final say at the Law School Helpdesk?

The Helpesk Computer Support Manager (and ultimately, the Assistant Dean of Law Technology) has the final say on ALL issues involving Student Computer Support.