Something to know about Law School Exams

Midterm and final exams are a very big part of all students’ lives here at SCU Law.  Because we use Blind Grading ID’s and specialized software, it is important to understand all aspects of the process.  The more you know beforehand, the less you have to worry about the technical stuff, and the more time you can spend studying.


Softest is an application developed by Examsoft which when launched, it saves a copy of your exam file onto your local computer hard drive every 60 seconds. If for any reason, your computer freezes up and need to be restarted, SofTest will relaunch and resume from the last point before the computer malfunction. When exiting your exam,  Softest will do a final save onto your local hard drive and then encrypt the exam file then looks for internet access to upload the exam file. Always remember after every exam, to check your exam upload history to verify that your exam has been uploaded.


At the School of Law, we have different types of test options Softest can be used:

  • Secure” mode, Softest controls your computer at launch whereby it will block access to your desktop, hard drive, word processor and internet.
  • Unsecure” mode is a completely open exam. When launching Softest, you can minimize Softest screen size, use the internet, open up notes, etc.
  • Non-Secure” mode, Same as our Un-secure mode where you’re able to access your notes from your computer hard drive and use word processor but your Internet access will be blocked. Your internet access will be only enabled when you exit our of your exam which your exam file will be encrypted then upload.

Take-home exam system.

  •  Most common take home exam system at Santa Clara Law is “Softest Take Home”. Student’s  log into Softest account, click on Courses, then click on “Assignment Drop Box”, find your class name then click on the green download arrow to download your exam instructions onto your computer desktop. These exams are written in Microsoft word or any format and upload exams before due date and time.
  • Some faculty also given plain take-home exams using Camino which can also be written in Microsoft Word or  any other processor.

Whether your exam is secure, non-secure, take-home, or anything in between is the decision of your professor.


 Getting ready Law School Exams tips!

  • Always read your Official Announcements regarding Law School Exams!
  • If you’re taking an exam(s) using a computer, make sure that your computer is in good working order!  Per exam guidelines, you will not get extra time for computer problems. Computer help is available for all Law students by creating a “New support ticket”.
  • Before every exam semester (Fall, Spring, Summer), make sure to check Softest for an error’s.
  • Don’t wait until the last moment to download your exam files!
  • Before exams, KNOW YOUR BLIND GRADING ID! Santa Clara Law during exams uses blind ID# and not names to identify students…
  • One or two weeks before exams, TAKE THE MOCK PRACTICE EXAM. We want to make sure that you don’t stress on the exam software.
  • Bring your access card with you! Before receiving your exam packet, we have to verify who you are.
  • During exams, if you experience any computer issues, raise your hand for help. If the classroom proctors does not see you, stand… Per exam guidelines, student with computer issues will need to hand write your exam.
  • Remember that our Law Help Desk located in Bannan Hall 137 for help!