All students enrolled at Santa Clara University School of Law are members of the Student Bar Association (SBA).  Nationally, the Student Bar Association is a part of the 50,000 member American Bar Association-Law Student Division (ABA-LSD).

Santa Clara University School of Law
Student Bar Association Executive Board 2016-2017

On our campus, the SBA Executive Board represents the interests of law students in their relationship with faculty administration, alumni and the surrounding community. The SBA also oversees the function of the approximately 41 student organizations that are present on our campus. Managing these organizations enriches the career, professional, community, and social offerings for the Santa Clara Law community. The Executive Board also provides opportunities for social interaction, community service, and pre-professional activities. Day-to-day responsibilities of the SBA include facilitating student events, communications, including publication of The Grapevine, and management of the Student Life website.

Miguel Flores & Brit Benjamin, SBA Presidents: &

Isaul Lemus & Ashley Jenezon, SBA Internal Vice Presidents: &

Christian Girgis, SBA External Vice President:

Trisha Cobb, SBA Vice President (Part Time):

Kelly Watkins, SBA Secretary:

George Buckham and Tereza Guzman, SBA & 

Kevin LaBarbera,  SBA Director of Internal Communication:

Justin Jimenez, SBA Community Service Chair:

Business Cards for Students

The SBA Executive Board has formed a business card printing arrangement for SCU Law students; business cards can be ordered here.

Click here for your SBA Constitution & ByLaws (Revised 2013)

ABA Representatives:

Class Representatives:

Class Representatives work closely with the SBA to promote the interests of their class or division and are encouraged to serve on various SBA committees. Additionally, Class Representatives sit on the Board of Governors to enact SBA legislation and approve law student organization budgets. Up to four representatives are elected from each class/division (1L, 2L, 3L, PT, LLM), and elections are held within the first four weeks of school.

  • Part-Time : TBD
  • 3L Rep: TBD
  • 2L Rep: TBD
  • 1L Rep: TBD

SBA Board of Governors

In the fall, each class/division elects Class Representatives. The Class Representatives and the SBA Executive Board form the Board of Governors, the governing body of the SBA. The Board of Governors supports, promotes, and encourages the SBA’s goals and interests.

Board of Governors Minutes – September 19, 2016

SBA Committees

If you are interested in being on any of the following SBA or Dean Committees, please contact Miguel, Brit, or the designated Committee Chair.

  • Student Action Committee
    Committee Chair: Miguel FloresSBA President: 

The Student Action Committee is dedicated to maximizing student influence at Santa Clara Law. It serves as an open forum for students to raise issues, ideas, and concerns, and it works to implement solutions to bring positive change to Santa Clara Law.

  • Social Committee

Committee Chairs: Isaul Lemus & Ashley Jenezon, SBA Internal Vice Presidents: &

The SBA Social Committee serves to plan Santa Clara Law social events for law students. These events include Barrister’s Ball, Bar Reviews, and various other law student gatherings throughout the year.

  • Finance Committee

Committee Chair: George Buckham & Tereza GuzmanSBA Treasurers

The SBA Finance Committee serves to make recommendations to the Board of Governors concerning the expenditure of SBA funds.

  • Community Service Committee

Committee Chair: Justin Jimenez, SBA Community Service Chair:

The Community Service Committee develops and promotes community service activities on behalf of the SBA.

  • Legislative Committee

Committee Chair: Kelly Watkins, SBA Secretary: 

The Legislative Committee makes decisions regarding the interpretation of the SBA Constitution, and creates and recommends amendments to the SBA Constitution for the Board of Governors consideration.

  • Dean Committees:
    • Student Conduct
    • Student Affairs
    • Academic Affairs
    • Minority Affairs
    • Admissions
    • Appointments
    • ASP Advisory


  • Battle of The Classes: Kickball Tournament
    When: Sun. Feb. 26th @ 10:30AM
    Where: Stanton Field
    How: Sign-up with your name, 1L large section, and current class year by emailing

    FOR ALUMNI: An alumni team will compete against the winning class year on Sunday, March 19 as part of the SBA-sponsored event Bronco Palooza. Please email SBA President Miguel Flores ( to sign-up and/or for additional information. 

    Here are some photos from the February 26th Kickball Tournament

  • Community Service Day
    Come support the community and join SCU LAW on Community Service Day.
  • Social Event (subject to change)
    Barrister’s Ball