International Law Students Association (ILSA) is an internationally recognized organization of students and young attorneys dedicated to the study and promotion of international law. ILSA provides an opportunity to study, research, and network within the field of international and transnational law. Because Santa Clara School of Law has a registered ILSA Chapter, all ILSA members enjoy the international network of pooled academic, professional, and organizational resources provided by the Association.

With over 150 chapters, ILSA is one of the largest and most active student organizations in the nation.  The Santa Clara chapter is dedicated to providing students interested in international law with access and opportunities to explore this exciting and expanding area of law.  Throughout the year, we host speaker events, sponsor student trips to conferences, provide information on study abroad opportunities and international internships, and organize great social events.

2014-2015 OFFICERS:

Carlin Lozinsky, Co-President: clozinsky@scu.edu

Sarah Kim, Co-President: ykim@scu.edu

Nima Maleki, External Vice President: nmaleki@scu.edu

Tiffany Henderson, Internal Vice President: thenderson@scu.edu

Kendra Livingston, Communications Chair:  klivingston@scu.edu

Tamara Prevost, Treasurer: tprevost@scu.edu


Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association, 2014-2015

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