Mission Statement:

The Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA) provides a comprehensive forum for Santa Clara Law School students to interact with IP practitioners in cross-disciplinary discussions and lectures. We are committed to preparing students for their future careers as IP attorneys who are well-equipped to face the challenges of current and future IP issues in Silicon Valley and beyond.

On Tuesdays, SIPLA holds “High Tech Tuesdays” where local IP practitioners discuss emerging intellectual property issues as well as other aspects of their careers


2016-2017 Officers:


Austin Zuck – azuck@scu.edu

Mike Kim – mkim@scu.edu

Vice Presidents of Operations:

Nick Shen – nshen@scu.edu

Christopher Pham – cpham@scu.edu

Vice Presidents of Alumni Relations:

Andrew Palmer – apalmer@scu.edu

Stacy Chan – sjchan@scu.edu

Vice President of Part-Time Students:

Dariia Skrementova – dskrementova@scu.edu

Communications Chairperson:

Megha Manjunath – mmanjunath@scu.edu

Financial Chairpersons:

Andrew Razma – arazma@scu.edu

Brennan McGee – bmcgee@scu.edu

Seminar Chairpersons:

Tiffany Haberstick – thaberstick@scu.edu

Benjamin Schwartz – bdschwartz@scu.edu

Social Chairpersons:

Alexander Lima – alima@scu.edu
Connor Gaballa – cgaballa@scu.edu

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Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2016-2017