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The Biotechnology Law Group (BLG) is organized to facilitate study at the intersection of biotechnology and law. The goal of this student group is to support the education of students and promote their interest in biotech law and industry. The BLG endeavors to: increase student awareness and involvement in current biotech-related legal issues, contribute to the career decisions of students interested in the future of biotech law, act as a vehicle for entry into the biotech field, and provide connections to both the Bay Area biotech industry and Santa Clara University School of Law graduates.


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  • BLG ‘Day In the Life’ Panel (Fall Semester)
  • BLG Wine and Cheese Network Event (Spring Semester)
  • BLG co-sponsored High Tech Tuesdays (Fall and Spring Semester)
  • And lots more!!


President: Mon Shuan (Phoebe) Wu <>
Vice Presidents: Maria Sokova <> and Daniel Williams <>
Secretary: Christine Fitch  <>
Treasurer: Marinna Radloff   <>