Robby Beyers, Santa Clara Law graduate and Partner, has been conducting on-campus interviews for the past several years. Below he gives Bronco-2-Bronco advice on how to master an interview. Remember to sign up for Mock Interviews to practice the interviewing tips that Robby Beyers sheds light on below. An email with all the details on the event and signs up will be sent out July 18th.

 On Campus Interviews (OCI) may feel like a marathon, but they can help you start your legal career. First impressions are key. You have 20 minutes to impress the partner or senior associate interviewing you. Use this time efficiently and by the end of it, your interviewer will have a good understanding of your background, your interests, and what you can bring to their firm. Remember that your interviewer represents their firm and has every interest in seeing you do well during your interview.

Have a list of key points you want to tell the interviewer about yourself. Whenever you can, expand on your answers to communicate these points. Your interviewer wants you to make a well-reasoned argument for yourself that projects confidence and competence, without being boastful.

Ask specific questions that show you researched the firm and key people in the practice areas you are interested in. If you are applying for a particular practice group, highlight how your past experiences can help that practice group. If you understand the skills that the firm is looking for, you will do a better job of explaining how you will be an asset to the firm.

Show your enthusiasm about the possibility of working at the firm. People want to work with someone who has initiative and a positive attitude.

Finally, remember the interviewer was once in your shoes and understands what you are going through. If you become anxious, take a deep breath, be yourself and let your interest show through. Everyone wants you to succeed and to find the right firm with the right fit for you. Good luck!


Robby Beyers
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP


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