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4/11/14 Pre-departure Orientation Recording
Travel Insurance

2014 Policies, Standards, and Expectations
Financial Aid for SCU Students
Financial Aid for Visiting Students
Foreign and International Legal Research from Abroad Guide
Research Guide on International Human Rights Theory & Practice

Information For Students Doing Internships

2014 Externship Goals for Students
Internship Checklist
Internship Emergency Contact
Internship Guided Reflections
2014 Internship Certification Form
Pre-Departure Orientation for Business Law Internships
Pre-Departure Orientation for Human Rights Law Internships

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Costa Rica | Geneva | The Hague | Hong Kong | Istanbul | Munich | Oxford | Shanghai | Singapore | Sydney | Tokyo | Vienna & Budapest

Costa Rica

2014 Costa Rica Student Handbook
2014 Costa Rica Syllabus
2013 Costa Rica Program Online Evaluations
2013 Costa Rica Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Costa Rica Internship Online Evaluations
Costa Rica Map


2014 Geneva Schedule
2014 Geneva Faculty
2014 Geneva Newsletter
2013 Geneva Newsletter from an alum
2013 Geneva Program Online Evaluations
2013 Geneva Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Geneva Program Internship Online Evaluations (Ireland, London, Ghana, Paris)

The Hague

2014 The Hague Calendar
2014 The Hague Bulletin 1
2013 The Hague Reading Materials – Table of Contents
2013 The Hague Reading Materials
2013/5/30 Article Regarding Recent War Crimes Decisions
2013/6/1 Article Regarding ICC
2013 The Hague – Possible Housing Option
2013 Hague Program Online Evaluations
2013 Hague Faculty Online Evaluations

Hong Kong

2014 Hong Kong Schedule
2014 Hong Kong Newsletter
2014 Hong Kong Faculty
2014 Hong Kong Housing Option – Contact Monica Davis
2013 Hong Kong Program Online Evaluations
2013 Hong Kong Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Hong Kong Program Internship Online Evaluations (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing)
HKU Campus Map


2014 Istanbul Newsletter & Schedule
2014 Istanbul Faculty
2013 Istanbul Program Online Evaluations
2013 Istanbul Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Istanbul Program Internship Online Evaluations (Istanbul, Dubai, Kuwait)
Koc University Campus Map Istanbul Map


2014 Munich Newsletter
2014 Munich Schedule
2013 Munich Program Online Evaluations
2013 Munich Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Munich Internship Online Evaluations
Patent Basics
Copyright Basics
Trademark Basics
EU Basics


2014 Oxford Program Schedule
2014 Oxford Newsletter
2014 Oxford Faculty
2013 Oxford Program Online Evaluations
2013 Oxford Faculty Online Evaluations
Magdalen College Campus Map
Magdalen College Internet Access
Magdalen College Summer Visitor Notes


2014 Shanghai Newsletter
2014 Shanghai Calendar
2013 Shanghai Program Online Evaluations
2013 Shanghai Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Shanghai Internship Online Evaluations (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong)
Jiao Tong Campus Map
Shanghai Building Map


2014 Singapore Class Schedule
2014 Singapore Housing Newsletter
2013 Singapore Newsletter
2013 Singapore Program Online Evaluations
2013 Singapore Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Singapore Program Internship Online Evaluations (Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, India)


2014 Sydney Newsletter Part 1
2013 Sydney Newsletter Part 2
2013 Sydney Newsletter Part 3
2012 Sydney Newsletter for Students with Internships
2013 Sydney Program Online Evaluations
2013 Sydney Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Sydney Internship Online Evaluations (Sydney & Melbourne)


2014 Tokyo Schedule (3.17.14 Updated)
2014 Tokyo Faculty
2013 Tokyo Newsletter
2013 Seoul Newsletter
2013 Tokyo Reading
2013 Tokyo Program Online Evaluations
2013 Tokyo Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Tokyo Program Internship Online Evaluations (Tokyo & Seoul)

Vienna & Budapest

2014 Vienna Budapest Schedule
2014 Vienna Budapest Newsletter (updated 4.9.14)
2014 Vienna Budapest Introductory Letter
2013 Vienna Budapest Program Online Evaluations
2013 Vienna Budapest Faculty Online Evaluations
2013 Budapest Internship Online Evaluations