Internships provide an invaluable opportunity for students to earn academic credit for working in private law firms, multinational companies, courts, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations. This work gives students practical experience and integration into the legal culture of the country. It also accords invaluable personal and professional contacts that remain with them throughout their legal career.

Program Internship Locations
Costa Rica Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico
Geneva London, Ghana, Ireland
Hong Kong Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing
Istanbul Istanbul, Dubai, Kuwait
Munich Munich
Shanghai Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong
Singapore Singapore, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Thailand
Sydney Sydney, Melbourne
Tokyo Tokyo, Seoul
Vienna-Budapest Vienna, Budapest

Most Santa Clara programs offer associated internship opportunities to qualified students. Internships are made available only to students who successfully complete the associated academic portion of the summer law program. In addition, students desiring an internship must: (1) have successfully completed the first year legal research and writing course required by the student’s home institution; (2) provide a complete resume; (3) a letter of recommendation; (4) provide an internship preference statement, and (5) a personal statement. It is recommended that students just completing their first year of law school provide a letter of recommendation from their first year legal research and writing instructor.

Internship placements are made on the basis of the student’s qualifications and expressed interest. The decision to accept any student as an intern is dependent upon the sponsors; thus, we cannot guarantee an internship placement. However, because of our long-term, extensive relationships in the program countries, to date all students seeking internships have been placed. A student may elect to take the academic component of a program without the internship component. Fifty hours of field work are required for each semester unit of credit and must be unpaid. Credit for an internship also is conditioned upon the attendance at periodic internship integration seminars. Internships are available only to students who have not yet been awarded a law degree.

Law schools have varying requirements for transferring credit. Accordingly, prior to joining any program, students should check with the appropriate administrator at their home institution to ensure that credits will be accepted. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain all home institution approvals and determine all applicable home institution policies regarding transfer of credits.

Different law schools have different requirements with respect to granting academic credit for internship experience. The requirements of Santa Clara University mandate the completion of the Internship Certification Form. This form calls upon the law office to indicate the number of hours that a student has worked, and a grade dependent on the quality of the student’s work. No grade or credit can be given for an internship until the Center receives a properly completed internship certification form. It is the direct responsibility of the student (not the firm) to see that the internship certification form is completed and submitted. The student is fully responsible for all paperwork. Santa Clara University grants “credit” or “no credit” for internship work performed by Santa Clara University students, and does not assign grades for the internship, irrespective of what grades the internship sponsor designates on the Internship Certification Form.

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