Complete International Law Course List

Evangeline Abriel
Immigration Appellate Practice Before the Ninth Circuit
Colleen Chien
International Intellectual Property Law
Stephen Diamond
Globalization and the Rule of Law
David Friedman
Legal Systems Very Different from Ours
Arthur Gemmell
International Commercial Arbitration
Pratheepan Gulasekaram
Immigration Law
Anna Han
Chinese Trade and Investment Law
Phil Jimenez
Conflict of Laws
International Business Transactions
International Business Negotiation Simulation
Claudia Josi
Legal Aspects of War: Humanitarian Law
Transitional Justice
Tyler Ochoa
International Intellectual Property Law
Lynette Parker
Advanced Immigration Law: Refugee and Asylum Law
Francisco Rivera Juaristi
Advanced International Human Rights Clinic
International Human Rights Clinic
Kandis Scott
Comparative Government Spending Policies
David Sloss
International and Transnational Law
International Human Rights
Suing Governments: Federal, State, and Foreign
US Foreign Relations Law Seminar
Gary Spitko
International and Comparative Employment Law
Jiri Toman
International Law
Comparative Law
International Organizations
Advanced International Law Seminar
European Union Law