Course registration for Fall starts Monday. To help you navigate the high tech curriculum, we compiled a list of the high tech courses offered in Fall. A reminder to rising 2Ls: to maximize your opportunities to explore the high tech curriculum, we strongly recommend that you take the IP Survey course this Fall. If you have any other questions about course selection or the curriculum, please feel free to contact Prof. Goldman, Prof. Love or Joy Peacock for individualized counseling. You should also review our guide to selecting courses, available here.

We encourage you to think ahead about how you’re going to satisfy your SAWR/HTLC paper requirement, preferably by writing a qualifying paper in a high-tech course. Options in Fall may include Assisted Reproduction, Cloning and Genetic Engineering; International Business Negotiations; IP Theory; Mass Communications; and Privacy Law. We are also still hoping to add a section of Advanced Legal Writing: IP, but that’s not guaranteed. Remember, it is possible to satisfy FOUR requirements with a single paper: SAWR, HTLC paper, submission to the High Tech Law Journal and a grade in the course.

GOOD NEWS! Earlier this month, the faculty approved the creation of a new certificate in privacy law. You can see the press release here and the certificate rules  here. The privacy law certificate is designed to prepare students for a career as a privacy professional. To advance this goal, the privacy law certificate is substantially more difficult to obtain than the high tech law certificate. If you are committed to pursuing a career in privacy, the certificate is a great choice for you; otherwise, you probably will prefer to pursue the high tech law certificate. For now, if you are planning to graduate in 2015 and hope to obtain the privacy certificate, you should submit a declaration of intent now by emailing Prof. Goldman at to set up a meeting at your earliest convenience. Include your name, current class status, FT/PT, and anticipated graduation date. If you are a rising 2L and interested in the certificate, we will solicit declarations of interest from 2Ls in Fall semester, so the only thing you should do now is take the Privacy Law course in Fall. Prof. Goldman is the certificate supervisor, so feel free to contact him to discuss your interest in the certificate at any time.