Santa Clara University School of Law offers programs for lawyers who received their legal education outside of the United States to secure a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree. Candidates may select from four programs:

  • United States Law— General Studies
    Students craft a program that matches professional needs.
  • United States Law with specialization in Intellectual Property Law
    Specialize by taking most courses in the area of intellectual property/high tech law, including Patent Law, Copyright, Trademarks and Trade Secrets.
  • United States Law with specialization in Human Rights Law
    Focus your studies in U.S. human rights, with an extensive range of human rights and social justice courses to choose from.
  • United States Law with specialization in International and Comparative Law
    Take advantage of Santa Clara’s extensive study abroad programs and rich curriculum to study the law of the United States, international law (public or private) and the law of another nation.

Graduation Requirements

All participants seeking the LL.M. degree must do the following:

  • Complete 24 semester hours of class credit
  • Complete the Introduction to United States Law (3 units). This course is designed to give participants an intensive overview of the basic elements of the United States substantive and structural law.   This dates for this course will be announced shortly.  The first day of class is tentatively set to be July 13, 2015.
  • Complete a 2 or 3 unit course in the area of international or comparative law. If such a course has been taken previously, this requirement may be waived and the participant may enroll in another course from his/her selected curriculum with the approval of the Director of Graduate Legal Programs.
  • Writing Requirement. Students must complete a written research paper either in conjunction with a class approved by the Director of Graduate Legal Programs or as Independent Research (Course # 298) under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • Be in residence for a minimum of two regular semesters (not including summer sessions)
  • Complete the degree requirements within a maximum of two academic years from the date of matriculation.
  • Complete Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing for LL.M’s (2 units) (strongly recommended, not required).  The purpose of this course is to enhance the students skills in the area of legal research and writing.

While students are not required to declare a specialization, Santa Clara Law does provide a variety of coursework that would allow for the student to enhance and develop his or her understanding of a specific area of law.  Students enrolled in this degree program are graded on a Pass/No Pass basis and are not included in any class curve.

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All courses are taught in English. All courses are subject to change/modification.