Stephen E. Smith

Associate Clinical Professor


Before joining the LARAW faculty in 2006, Professor Smith was a litigator practicing with a number of San Francisco law firms. He also served as law clerk to United States District Judge Richard A. Enslen and was attorney-advisor to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Administrative Law Judges. Professor Smith is a member of the California State Bar and the Legal Writing Institute.


J.D., Hastings College of the Law, University of California

B.A., Northeastern University



The Poetry of Persuasion: Early Literary Theory and Its Advice to Legal Writers, 6 Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors 55-74 (2009) | Link to Full Text

Due Process and the Subpoena Power in Federal Environmental, Health, and Safety Whistleblower Proceedings, 32 University of San Francisco Law Review 533-560 (1998) | Link to Full Text

Other Articles

Missed Connections - Being Explicit About Relationships Between Authorities, 24 The Second Draft: Newsletter of the Legal Writing Institute 14 (Fall 2009) | Link to Full Text

Teaching Practical Procedure in the Legal Writing Classroom, 17 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing 31-34 (2008) | Link to Full Text

Using the ADA to Teach the Interaction of Statutes, 23 The Second Draft: Newsletter of the Legal Writing Institute 10 (Fall 2008) | Link to Full Text

Distinct Line Between Commercial and Noncommercial Speech Is Gone, with Hopmann, 115 Los Angeles Daily Journal 7 (June 6, 2002)

Currently Teaching:

Fall 2014

Advocacy 5

Tues & Thurs

Fall 2014
Spring 2015

Legal Research and Writing G

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