Colleen V. Chien

Associate Professor of Law (On Leave 2014-15)


Professor Colleen Chien is nationally known for her research and publications surrounding domestic and international patent law and policy issues. She has testified before Congress and the DOJ/FTC/PTO on patent issues, frequently lectures at national law conferences and has published several in-depth empirical studies, including of patent litigation, patent amicus briefs, compulsory licensing, patent-assertion entities (PAEs), and the secondary market for patents. She is an expert on the International Trade Commission (ITC), a topic on which she has authored several articles and co-authors a practice guide, The Section 337 Patent Investigation Management Guide.

Prior to joining the Santa Clara University School of Law faculty in 2007, Professor Chien prosecuted patents at Fenwick & West LLP in San Francisco, as an associate and then Special Counsel, and was a Fellow at the Stanford Center for Law and the Biosciences. She also did stints as a strategy consultant at Dean and Company, a spacecraft engineer at NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab, and an investigative journalist at the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (as a Fulbright Scholar). She lives in the east bay with her husband and their two sons.

In 2013 Professor Chien was named the inaugural Eric Yamamoto Emerging Scholar and one of Silicon Valley’s “Women of Influence.” She has received gifts and grants for research including from the New America Foundation.


J.D., Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley

A.B. and B.S. in Engineering, Stanford University (with Distinction and Honors)

Areas of Specialization

Patent Prosecution, IP Counseling, International Property Law

Affiliations and Honors

Fellow, Stanford School of Law Center for Law and the Biosciences, 2006

Eric Yamamoto Emerging Scholar

2013 Silicon Valley “Woman of Influence”



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Other Articles

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