Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing for US Law LL.M.s

Catalog No.: 376

Course Description:

Pending Faculty Approval. The goal of this course is to introduce our US Law LL.M. students to legal analysis, writing, and research in the U.S. legal system. Instruction will cover sources of law in the United States, the common-law system, reading and briefing court decisions, articulating and synthesizing rules from legal sources, applying those rules to the facts of simulated cases, legal citation, legal research in the U.S. system, and plagiarism. We will give the students written assignments to allow them to apply the information they learn in the class. We anticipate the following assignments: (1) case briefs; (2) a written analysis in which students must analyze a hypothetical case in a “closed universe” and convey their analysis in writing, (3) research exercises, and (4) a written research assignment in which the students must conduct legal research in a hypothetical case, analyze the case under the rules they find through their research, and convey their analysis in writing. We may also have some oral presentation assignments. We will provide written feedback on the students’ work and meet with them to discuss the work.