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Jennifer Thompson: Harm Multiplies When the Innocent are Wrongfully Convicted

NCIP friend Jennifer Thompson knows firsthand that wrongful conviction has far reaching consequences, not only for the innocent man or woman who loses years in prison but also for the original victims, families, law enforcement and potentially other victims of

NIJ Releases Report: Mending Justice-Sentinel Event Reviews

The National Institute of Justice released a report today which explores the feasibility of using a learning-from-error model in criminal justice. The report, Mending Justice: Sentinel Events Reviews, draws on lessons from the medical and aviation fields and offers perspectives on using

Arson Research Project’s Live “Burn” Highlights Common Causes of Faulty Fire Science

It was a dreary morning on Treasure Island on Thursday, August 14th, 2014, as a group of curious public defenders, detectives, and prosecutors came together for arson investigator Paul Bieber’s showcase event: a live burn of two furnished mockups, one

NCIP Sponsored Bill to Improve Access to DNA Evidence Passes State Senate

NCIP is proud to announce that SB 980, a bill that improves the process for obtaining post conviction DNA testing, passed the California State Senate today. The bill, authored by Senator Ted Lieu and sponsored by NCIP and other organizations,