Externships are unpaid, credit positions that entail working with a law firm, in-house corporate counsel, government agency, court or public interest organization. Externships allow students to learn and enhance their legal skills through practical experience in a field placement. Learning from experience is critical for life long professional development as an attorney.

Types of Externships

Requirements & Units Earned

Students must be at least rising 2L’s, have successfully completed 28 units toward their J.D. degree, have completed both semesters of Civil Procedure, and have met the minimum GPA requirements to be eligible for an externship. Placements are contingent upon acceptance by the sponsoring firm or organization and approval by Externship Programs faculty.

Students must enroll and attend the Externship Seminar (Law 705) for their first placement, or the Externship Workshop (Law 706) for their second and third placement (LAW 706) in addition to the corresponding externship placement to receive academic credit.

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Questions? See the FAQs or contact Sandra Vega at (408) 551-1609 or expo@scu.edu.


Professor Sandee Magliozzi discussed Santa Clara’s Externship Program in the fall/winter 2012 issue of the Santa Clara Law Magazine


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