Students interested in civil practice, social justice and high tech law find placements in public interest agencies, private law offices, government agencies (except a court), corporate legal departments, high tech law companies or non-profits all under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

How to Find an Externship

Externships may be found on the Symplicity job site or through Law Career Services (LCS) Job Search Resources.  Additionally, many companies and firms have their own individual websites that may offer externship opportunities.

Alternatively, lawyers or alumni in the community may be interested in hosting an Extern.

See the “Externship Search Strategies” guide for more detailed information on how to find an externship.

Requirements & Units Earned

Students must be rising 2L’s, have completed both semesters of Civil Procedure, and have met the minimum GPA requirements to be eligible. Students may not be paid for work in the field placement.

Externs earn 1-unit of credit for every 50 hours of fieldwork, for a maximum of 6 units. A Summer Extern can earn up to 5 units.  See The Pink Book on ClaraNet for more detailed information.

Externs also must enroll in the concurrent course component and earn 1 credit for LAW 705 for their first externship. For the second or third externship externs must enroll in LAW 706: no additional units are given.

How to Register

Upon acceptance of an offer from an organization or firm, required student registration form must be submitted to the Externship Program Office in Bannan Hall, Room 230. See the Timeline for suggested deadlines.

Upon approval by Externship Programs faculty, externs must enroll in LAW 590 or 597 (depending if first or subsequent placement). In addition, externs must also enroll in the Externship Seminar LAW 705 or 706 (depending if first or subsequent placement).

Forms & Strategies

Questions? See the FAQs or contact Sandra Vega at (408) 551-1609 or